Accelerate your CLO document workflow with Semeris Docs

Published 13. January 2022.

Integrate Semeris Docs into your in-house applications

The Semeris Docs API gives you two new superpowers:

  • Fetch analytics data, both automated and human-verified
  • Embed custom summaries and our HTML document viewer into your applications

You can query up-to-date deal lists, individual deal summaries, data tables of multiple deals, access language extractions, map deal tickers, and other identifiers.

Our Python and Node.js sample code will get you up and running in no time.

Semeris X-Ray gets even more powerful

Our AI-enhanced X-Ray feature that rearranges and highlights legal text is now available everywhere in Semeris Docs, not only inside the document viewer.

Take advantage of improved readability in

  • Deal summaries,
  • Deal comparisons and
  • Market comparisons.

For a quick recap of Semeris X-Ray, take a look at this example paragraph:

legal text

With Semeris X-Ray, it looks like this:

Semeris X-Ray

Want to learn more about the Semeris Docs API and Semeris X-Ray?

For demonstration and trials, reach out to us!