Effortless “what’s market” comparisons with Semeris Docs

Published 1. March 2021.

Welcome to a brand new Semeris Docs

On Sunday, our amazing dev team released a significant update to Semeris Docs for CLOs. We are launching a capability we call Market Compare that further heightens your information awareness of CLO documents across the market and helps you benchmark new deals to previous ones. Customer meetings, discussions, usage reviews have helped us in designing this version.

Evaluate your deal universe with Market Compare

Market Compare allows you to view curated data points and even the definition language in your deal universe. You can build your topics of interest, see what's out there and how it compares to new deals you are evaluating or working on.

What's new

Here is a quick list of new features you will find in Semeris Docs:

  • define your deal universe with dynamic filters
  • compare summary data and defined terms across the market
  • review similar paragraphs in other docs

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