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Get the muscle to interact, analyse and handle your legal docs.

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Founder's Note

Having lead the structuring of more than twenty CLO’s at Credit Suisse and JPMorgan, I wanted to improve the way people access and use the legal documents.

With your help, Semeris aims to revolutionize the way CLO legal documents are analyzed, read and used.

Peter Jasko
Peter Jasko SignaturePeter Jasko - CEO

Product Overview

Delivering a mix of software, natural language processing, AI and human curation. Answering all the pain points of reviewing legal docs for finance.

Product Features

Understanding deals in the right context, navigate seamlessly between market comparisons and the original docs.

Market Coverage

Comprehensive library coverage of the European CLO market, along with an expanding US CLO library.

Curated Summaries

Deal summaries which get the key terms in front of you quickly.

Immersive Context

For the finest detail, deal summaries link to the original document, going deep with an immersive experience.

Relevant Comparisons

Understanding change has never been easier, compare deal terms against other deals or get a blackline against a deal's precedent.