Effortless CLO “What’s market?” comparisons for key deal language with Semeris Docs

Published 5. April 2021.

Work in your deal universe with our Market Compare tool

Our color-coded Market Compare screens can show hundreds of deals at once, and you select which deals are displayed. You can filter deals by the manager, issue dates, and other parameters. You can also import your portfolio using ticker symbols or other deal identifiers.

You choose what data to display on these screens, but you can also use our handy pre-packaged “topics” put together by our analysts.

Market Compare-Cov Lite

Pick-up on nuances in deal language

Market comparisons in Semeris Docs for CLOs support not only extracted data but also specific extracted language.

You can quickly get blacklines of deals from your selected deal universe, and these blacklines focus on the language specific to the topic you are evaluating.  You can also change the baseline if you need to as well.  Semeris Docs makes this difficult task easier.

Market Compare-Discount Obligation

If you are interested in Semeris Docs for CLOs, contact us for further details and a demonstration.