Introducing our expanded Semeris CLO dataset

Published 17. February 2022.

Manage risk with the expanded Semeris Docs CLO library

You spoke and we listened! We’ve improved the depth of Semeris Docs CLO library by adding a number of important fields, so you can better understand the structural nuances of your CLO portfolio to help you better analyse key features and compare your transactions versus other specific deals or the broader CLO universe. The product design team at Semeris Docs for CLOs continues to expand the list of topics based on customer feedback to drive productivity when vetting the key legal features in CLO indenture that drive their investment decision process. 

Introducing our expanded Semeris dataset which includes:

  • ESG - Are there industry-based screens? Are “ineligible” industries partially or wholly excluded? If partial, what are the max %’s?
  • Loss Mitigation Obligations - What rules govern these transactions? What funds can be used? What are the concentration limits %’s?
  • Incentive Fee IRR Price - What is the Equity price? And how might that impact the timing of triggering Manager Incentive Fees?
  • Horizontal/Vertical Retention Direction - Does the Manager have any “skin in the game?” If so, what does that retention look like? Will these deals be managed differently than those with no retention?
  • Re-Pricing Notes - Which classes have the risk of a “cashless” rate reduction?
  • Legal Counsel - Are there unique structural features that can be tied back to individual law firms? 

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