Introducing the Semeris Docs Search Engine

Published 21. June 2022.

Do you know which deals have vague language like "the Collateral Manager has a reasonable basis to believe" that impacts ESG criteria?

Text Search, the new Semeris Docs search engine, gives you subsecond search results in the 10 million paragraphs of our CLO libraries.

Unique search experience built for legal documents

This new solution is leading the legal tech industry with unique capabilities not available in other legal search engines:

  • Entire paragraphs, as well as simple phrases, can be used as search input
  • Semeris X-Ray is integrated into our search results, giving you instant insights
  • Instant blacklines help you compare the searched language with results

Relevant search results with dual scoring technology

Our dual search scoring technology helps you find the most relevant content with:

  • Search Score - a more traditional scoring method, calculated based on topics, term frequencies, and positions in the result
  • Blackline Score - how close is the search vs result, calculated based on the amount of blacklining; more helpful for locating highly similar language

Text Search is now available to all Semeris Docs customers.

Open up the vast knowledge in your CLO documents.

Speed up your day with Text Search.