Introducing Semeris Docs Checklist

Published 31. March 2022.

Semeris Docs users can now create multiple document summaries with the Checklists that let you focus on important questions/topics/answers you are seeking in your CLO indenture review.

Recognizing many investors may have different sets of questions when examining CLO docs depending on:

  • whether they need a longer new issue review or,
  • a faster “BWIC prep” exercise,
  • where in the cap structure they are investing,
  • what market they are focused on (eg., US/EU),
  • or what they are investigating – ESG, LMO, Minimum Contributions, etc.

Our approach easily allows for ad-hoc doc reviews that are focused on certain key document features.

  • Need to know all the excluded industries in your EU CLO tranche portfolio in a hurry? Check.
  • Want to know which deals have a max fixed-rate bucket > 5% across all the deals issued in the last two years? Check
  • Need to find out how frequent issuer’s consent rights around optional redemption have evolved in their last 15 deals? Check. 
  • No more sore eyes, or getting a cramp in your hand from all that Ctrl-f’ing.

The new Checklists menu in the Semeris Docs sidebar will let you create:

  • Custom Document Review Q/As, and/or topical summaries·
  • Compliance checklists
  • Scorecards (contact support for details)
  • “Stip lists”

Checklists let different teams in your organization use different summaries built from different Topics.

Your team can also share Checklists within your organization.

Get Semeris Docs for CLOs and enhance your team’s productivity, and instill a repeatable document review workflow and process that is customized, standardized, and memorialized/socialized within our clever tool. 

Semeris Docs can also help foster training in the “art of doc review” for all of your team members who touch CLO documents.

Want to learn more about Semeris Docs Checklist?

For demonstration and trials, reach out to us!