Introducing Semeris X-Ray

Published 5. October 2021.

Our AI-enhanced legal document readability solution is now available without extra costs for all Semeris Docs customers.

Take a look at an example paragraph in the "Credit Risk Obligation Criteria" of a CLO deal:

Credit Risk Obligation Criteria

When you enable all X-Ray capabilities, it looks like this:

X-Ray capabilities

Why do you need Semeris X-Ray?

X-Ray speeds up reading speed and improves comprehension. Our team has been using and evaluating this technology for months. It reduces human verification work by 30% or more while enhancing confidence in the results.

It's faster and easier to consume legal language with X-Ray.

How does it work?

Semeris X-Ray rearranges text, guides your eyes to important language with highlights, and adds external search links to text you might want to look up (e.g., references to laws, directives).
Our new document reader comes with five Semeris X-Ray options you can use in any combination:

  • Reflow complex paragraphs with inline lists, long sentences
  • Highlight key legal logic
  • Highlight amounts, dates, and related calculations
  • Highlight company names, emails, phones, IDs, and more
  • Show clickable web addresses and Google search links

The AI behind the Semeris X-Ray

The Semeris CLO library currently holds 800.000+ pages of CLO documents.

Our analysts developed ways to restructure complex text and looked at countless examples of key text and meaning in clauses.

Our data science team created a baseline annotation pipeline that generates X-Ray enhanced documents based on that input. This resulted in more than 30 million document annotations across the corpus.

Using this baseline data, we have trained cutting-edge neural language models. Some of those training runs took days on high-powered machines with neural accelerators.

We compared those model-inferred annotations to baseline and entered a long cycle of tuning and retraining to converge to what our curator team could approve as valuable and precise results.

The results you see today are not 100% perfect, partly because it is hard to define perfect in certain situations and partly because legal language is complex.

Our data curators use Semeris X-Ray to speed up their data verification work. Now all our customers have access to this internally used technology.