Introducing Smart Blacklines

Published 9. November 2021.

With Smart Blacklines in Semeris Docs for CLOs, we take another major step toward helping you answer “What’s new?” in a new issue deal.

Smart Blacklines gives you two new capabilities:

  • Document blacklines versus any previous deal document, and
  • Term Explorer, which helps you research defined term usage across deals and across the entire market

Blacklines come alive in Semeris Docs

Admittedly, creating blacklines is nothing new, however, with Smart Blacklines it takes less than 30 seconds to generate a blackline against any previous deal and the result is then shown in our HTML-enabled Semeris Document Viewer.

See your blackline docs come alive with Smart Blacklines:

  • Rich predictive search capabilities (terms, headings, etc.)
  • Live connection back to summaries and extracted topics
  • Red/blue change markers in the outline guide your reading
  • Focus mode shows changed language only
  • The X-Ray reflow and highlight functions


Highlight new definitions with Term Explorer

With our new Term Explorer, new defined terms are instantly visible:

  • What definitions are removed, or added to a deal you are blacklining?
  • How common or rare are definitions across various shelves, deal universes?

What’s new in defined terms becomes intuitive and takes seconds to review.

Term Explorer

Want to learn more about Semeris Blacklines?

For demonstration and trials, reach out to us!