More insights, less PDF and “Ctrl-F” with the Semeris document viewer

Published 18. October 2021.

Document review for most investors is still done using “Ctrl-F”, searching for text strings, and then cutting and pasting sections into a spreadsheet.

It’s 2021.

The built-in HTML-based Semeris Viewer is one of the tools behind the success of Semeris Docs for CLOs and makes navigating within, reading, and comprehending CLO documents a whole new experience. (It’s a game-changer and seeing is believing - why not schedule a demo today).

Our integrated HTML reader understands the documents

With machine learning techniques and NLP, we can convert PDF documents into a rich HTML document that then enables all the capabilities of the viewer in Semeris Docs, including our revolutionary “X-ray” tools for reflowing paragraphs and highlighting key elements so that they are easier on the eyes and stand out to the reader.

The Semeris Docs Viewer gives you the ability to:

  • use a high-quality document outline to jump to sections with a click,
  • click on defined terms to get refresh your memory without turning pages back and forth
  • read and comprehend a full-page “dense and turgid legalese” far more easily with Semeris X-Ray

Don’t forget! At any time you can still open the original PDF, and land on the same page you are reviewing in the HTML format.

Document research tools

In Semeris Docs, all summaries are connected to specific segments or paragraphs in the source document they are extracted from.

The viewer also works with blacklined documents so you can focus only on changed parts of the document and see both the original and the final version of the document.

Docs Viewer

You can also select any paragraph, request similar language from your deal universe, and see blacklines against hundreds of other documents.

Intelligent search suggestions

The viewer speeds up your research by recommending appropriate:

  • defined terms
  • defined term synonyms
  • headings
  • text predictions

Defined term synonyms are gathered by a combination of machine learning and human approval-based process and remove the “guesswork” for finding key terms in a new document.

If you are interested in Semeris Docs for CLOs, contact us for further details and demonstration.