ChatGPT and Legal AI

Published 8. February 2023.

OpenAI’s recent release of ChatGPT became a cultural moment for AI. Over a million users signed up within a week, making it the fastest global adoption of any new technology in history. The critical question for us in the legal and financial services industry is whether this tech can drive efficiencies and generate value. Our answer is a resounding yes.

However, the impact seems to be widely misunderstood: it’s not simply about text generation or chat. The large language models (”LLMs”) behind ChatGPT are starting to solve ever more complex tasks that keep surprising even AI industry veterans.

ChatGPT is just a simple application of LLMs that helped OpenAI and investor Microsoft score a fantastic marketing win.

You are already using LLMs with Semeris X-Ray

One of the tasks LLMs are good at is named entity recognition. A real-life example is Semeris X-Ray, first launched in October 2021. The example below shows a document before X-Ray:

Before X-Ray view
Before X-Ray

Here is the same with X-Ray:

After X-Ray View
After X-Ray

By detecting entities and structure, X-Ray helps speed up legal language comprehension by 30% or more. For Semeris X-Ray, we used a smaller LLM called BERT to iteratively improve results to a point where now it can reliably annotate and reflow legal text for easier reading. Nowadays our analyst team and our customers always want X-Ray on when reading legal text.

Semeris’s strategic role in your AI journey

We are all about client value. We follow the progress and look at all the client problems in our catalog. We identify suitable candidates for new tech, and after creating one or more spikes (fast unpolished code), we test and measure the client value and iterate.

In our lab, large language models are already doing amazing things like data extraction, summarization, entity extraction, and even Python code generation from legal clauses. Based on our business model, these technologies reach our internal analyst team, and if found valid, they become analyst-verified data points.

How will Semeris help you in this next phase?

  • Our libraries include more than 100,000 analyst-verified data points from millions of pages of legal documents, so our current and future AI models have a jumpstart
  • We will keep building visualization, extraction, and summarization solutions based on the latest large language models (it is a growing list: GPT-3, PaLM, OPT, and BLOOM, etc.)
  • Our platform will analyze and present findings and deliver them to where your decisions need them
  • You can brainstorm our AI with us and we can help sift through the marketing noise

Semeris is your sherpa guiding you through the process and building products to leverage this amazing technology.